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Application Process

Projects submitted December 1st - July 1st (approximate) will be considered for the Fall (September - December) semester, and projects submitted July 2nd - November 30th will be considered for the Spring (February - May) semester.
A fee of $1500 per project is charged after a team has been assigned and is used to offset program costs.

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As part of their participation in the Senior Experience Program, students must sign a "STUDENT GUIDELINES AGREEMENT". This form addresses confidentiality issues and will be a substitute for any confidentiality agreement requested from the participating organizations. If you need to review this document, please request a copy BEFORE submitting your project.

If this project is selected, I Required agree that our organization will provide the necessary time and resources to assist the student consulting team in satisfactorily completing this project.

To complete this application, please click the "Submit Form" button below.

Contact Information
If you have questions, please contact:

Ed Ashley
Director of Business Community Relations